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Cambridge Pavers and sitting wall , sherwood, slate color
Paver Drive way , unalock

      Brick  Pavers 

In the past 30 years I have used all the paver and block companies in this area.  What I have learned is every year things change! Style , quality, ease of use, availability and most of all Price!  As each company battles it out for market share, we can be winners or losers when it comes to picking the right products.   

Some of the things I use frequently and recommend are 1: Gator Sand for in between the pavers. It comes in many colors The regular strength has been holding up very well. 2: Cement Edge Restraint  I know every one wants to sell you a plastic or rubber restraint and they all swear it won't rise to the top, but I have made a good amount of money repairing  and replacing it over the years and still have not found any I like.  3: Paver Sealer is a separate price, but I find if you like the wet look and have lots of trees or acorns its the way to go. Steve

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